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Time Management: Advance – with practical examples & exercises

Course Introduction
It is very easy to get frustrated at work and feel that we do not have enough time to manage all our tasks. The reality is this feeling of frustration often stems from a feeling that we are not accomplishing what we want and that we have lost control. Through effective time management and time leveraging, you can gain control and achieve your goals.
This course will help you to focus on your goals, avoid distractions, organize your space and delegate effectively, all helping you to maximize your time and become more effective in the workplace.

Course Objectives

  • Knowledge and understanding of time wasters.
  • Management by Objectives
  • Knowledge and understanding of how to be more effective.
  • Skills in auditing your time.
  • Planning Skills
  • Scheduling skills.
  • Organizing skills.
  • Prioritizing skills.
  • Procrastination
  • Delegating skills.
  • Latest concepts relating time management
  • Dealing with distractions and interruptions.
  • Work Life Balance
  • common mistakes

Course Contents
Establish Students Expectation

  • Introduction
  • Training Need Analysis
  • Job/Role Analysis

Time Wasters/De-railers

  • Telephone Calls
  • Emailing
  • Visitors
  • Group Discussion on our daily routine

Management by Objective

  • Knowledge of your objectives
  • Objectives SMART/Not
  • Achievement of objective – importance of time
  • Exercise to write individual objectives

Effective Time Management

  • Completing all assignments in time
  • Prioritizing skills.
  • Planning Skills
  • Scheduling skills.
  • Procrastination
  • Video – discussion – where we lack in managing our time effectively

Organizing yourself

  • Manage your workplace.
  • Time & Motion study
  • Calendar Management – how to use- exercise
  • Things to do – how to use effectively – exercise
  • Reminders – to ensure not forgetting anything – exercise
  • Latest techniques
  • Discussion – where we lack in organizing our self


  • When it is effective
  • When it is non effective
  • What is its objective
  • Team work

Developing Performance Culture

  • Objectives vs performance
  • Developing Team Work & Performance Culture
  • Productivity, Efficiency & Effectiveness
  • Time & Stress Management

Who Should Attend
This course is for Junior levels, Assistants, Executives, Officers.

Course Benefits

  • Achieve Organization Objectives
  • Work/Life balance
  • Quality time – quality services
  • Positive thinking

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