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What you will learn in web designing courses?

Websites play a vital role in today’s life. Nowadays, a firm is judged by its website. If its website is appealing to the eyes it will attract more users, which is consequently beneficial for the firm/company.

In this course, you will learn how to design and construct attractive websites by learning the elementary principles of design like labelling, color scheme, and layout which are all contributory in the design procedure of a website. HTML and CSS are taught in this course, which are the common code languages on whichall modern websites are built.

Web Designing

Prerequisite or Relevant Knowledge:

Web designing courses requires basic knowledge of computers. The student should be aware of the know-hows of the IT industry. The student should have a little knowledge of basic programming languages, like C/C++, visual basic, etc.

Who should attend Web designing courses?

Those who are interested in web-development, who want to create their own website or to opt it as an earning source, should enroll in this course. Anyone who wants to know about the back-end working of a website can also attend this course.

Course Outline:

  1. Getting started
    • Course Introduction
    • Course software
    • What is HTML and HTML5?
    • What are tags?
    • How to save web-pages?
    • Viewing your web-pages
  2. Basic HTML tags
    • Basic HTML template
    • Heading tags
    • Paragraph and Break tags
    • Bold and Italics
    • HTML lists
  1. Getting started with CSS
    • Intro to CSS
    • CSS rules
    • Styling order
    • CSS selectors
    • Inline and embedded styles
    • CSS and fonts
    • Font colors
    • Font sizes
    • Styling fonts
  1. Dealing with Images
    • Types of images
    • Inserting images
    • Images attributes
    • CSS and images
    • Text wrapping with CSS
    • CSS and image borders
    • Background images
    • Adding captions to images
  1. Linking to other pages
    • Hyperlinks
    • Making links
    • CSS and hyperlinks
    • External style sheets
    • HTML lists and navigation bars
  1. CSS layouts
    • The box model
    • CSS comments
    • CSS positioning
    • CSS floats
    • One column CSS layout
    • Styling the one column CSS layout
    • Styling HTML5 tags
    • Two column CSS layout
  1. HTML4 and HTML5 tables
    • HTML4 tables
    • Row and column spans
    • Table alignment, color, images
    • HTML5 tables
  1. HTML forms
    • Form tags
    • Textboxes, submit, reset
    • Formatting textboxes with CSS
    • Labels, text areas
    • Option buttons and check boxes
    • Passwords, hidden fields
  1. HTML5 and forms
    • HTML5 forms
    • Placeholders, required
    • Email, URL, Search
    • Spinners and sliders
    • Dates, color pickers
    • Data lists
    • HTML form layouts
    • HTML5 audio and video
    • HTML5 canvas tag
    • Details, aside, mark
  1. Getting your site on the internet
    • Websites and domain names
    • Buying Web space
    • Search optimization
    • Pay per click advertisement
    • Sitemaps
  1. HTML and CSS reference
    • Basic HTML tags
    • CSS font and text properties
    • CSS borders, margins, paddings
    • CSS used in the list section
    • CSS used in the positioning section
    • HTML images and hyperlinks
    • HTML5 layout tags
    • HTML and HTML5 table tags
    • HTML and HTML5 forms tags
    • HTML5 audio and video tags
    • HTML Special characters

Impact/Benefits of this Course:

If you are seeking to become dominant in web development and make money while doing it, we are here to help you. There is a great demand of web developers because most of the companies are trying to transfer their data on the internet.

Moreover, the people who want to make their website and want to know the backend working of a website, they should feel free to contact us. Companies/firms want individuals who make their website, which is different from other websites, to help them earn profit and expand their business. This course will make you a professional web-designer.

At Course Completion:

At the completion of this Web Designing course Abu Dhabi you wouldbe proficient in using all the concepts and applicationsof the programming taught, including the creationof HTML pages and additionof content like images, links, tables and lists. You will have a good understanding of the meaning of basic terms of web developing. You will become familiar with using font, background styles, forms and style sheets.

This course will help you use Adobe Dreamweaver to create a website with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Flash. It will help you to understand naming conventions, index files, welcome screen, Graphical User Interface (GUI) and many more things that are useful when creating a website successfully.

Why Duke Training Centre?

Duke Training Centre’s web designing course is ideal if you have always wanted to create a website of your own, but you lacked the knowledge.

We have been offering different courses since 2007. Our expert instructors know how to make you professional web-developer. Our commitment is to make you a professional web designer.

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