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Looking for a healthcare job in some foreign country? What you need to know is, in countries where English is the native language, you’ll need to be very fluent and in-command of your English communication skills. English is not just a job criteria but a survival necessity in such countries. OET Training Institute test that determines a person’s ability to speak, listen, read, write and understand English language as a healthcare professional requirement. You shouldn’t just be good at speaking English but also familiar with all the technical terms and norms used in the healthcare field you are applying for.


Seems a bit too much? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Duke Training Centre takes full responsibility of teaching all the ins and outs of not just OET test but the necessities of linguistic survival in any foreign country. We’ll start from the basics and take you to the point where you can fluently communicate in English and survive in any foreign healthcare job market.

This OET Training Institute in Abu Dhabi is designed to improve the following four Macro skills for the Occupational English Test.

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Listening
  • Speaking


This course has no prerequisite. Feel free to join, we’ll start from scratch.

Who should join OET Preparation Course?

This OET Training Institute is for those people who want to take up the following 12 Health and Allied health professions in a foreign country.

  • OET Dentistry
  • OET Optometry
  • OET Occupational Therapy
  • OET Nursing
  • OET Dietetics
  • OET Medicine
  • OET Pharmacy
  • OET Veterinary Science
  • OET Speech Pathology
  • OET Radiography
  • OET Podiatry
  • OET Physiotherapy

Market Application/ Benefits

The OET test is currently used by the governing bodies of the professions at state and national level in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Each board or council determines the result required from candidates to meet the language competency standards required in order to function in their profession.

Course outline

OET Writing


  • Writing Skills
  • Letter writing including but not limited to: formal & informal letters, patient referral letters, hospital admissions letters, reminder letter to patients, patient discharge letters etc.
  • Hand writing skills
  • Planning to write
  • Organising the task
  • Understand the assessment criteria

OET Speaking

  • Clinical setting
  • Public and private hospital settings
  • Effectively communicate
  • Different medical situations
  • Medical related scenarios
  • Dialogues related to various medical settings
  • Speaking using tone, diction, fluency, accuracy & volume, which covers typical patient scenarios in Australia
  • Pronunciation & appropriate language for when dealing with people in all contexts e.g. hospital settings & private clinics
  • Functional language, taking patient histories, giving explanations, giving advice, aggression conversation & giving reassurances
  • Dealing with children, teenagers, adults & older Australians
  • Understand the assessment criteria

OET Listening

  • Listening to passages and dialogues
  • Listening for detail
  • Hand writing speed
  • Writing in note form
  • Scanning headings and questions
  • Using headings to guide you
  • Looking ahead
  • Planning for listening

OET Reading

  • Practice reading skills with reference materials, hospital documents, medical reports, and medical related charts
  • Speed reading & comprehension for all components of the OET test
  • Reading for specific purposes
  • Understanding the text & being able to answers specific questions relating to the text

OET General Skills

  • Vocabulary Skills
  • English grammar in oral and written communication
  • Target language
  • Medical terms and their meanings
  • Pronunciation
  • Medical roots, suffixes and prefixes
  • Medical related tests, charts and templates
  • Medical terminology
  • Australian health care sector – understanding

Why Choose Us?

  • We make sure every student gets a personalized attention.
  • We’ll improve your strengths and work on your weaknesses; you won’t be left alone with a bunch of books in this training.
  • We’re not just saying it, our teachers are highly experienced, try our course today and you’ll see.
  • What makes us unique is our way of teaching, we don’t believe in the old school ways of one way communication, learning is a two way process and our teachers makes sure we’ve taken our students on board in every step forward.
  • Check out our testimonials and you’ll see the students who’ve studied here in Duke Training Centre before and now they’re excelling in their professional fields.


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