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International ‘Premier’ Diploma Program on Business Organisation & Management

Essential knowledge and confidence for entrepreneurs – both men and women –

Venturing Into, Taking Over or Developing a Business

The Program teaches the “reality” of being your “own boss”. It starts from basic principles, explaining how ideas for businesses can be put into practice. It covers the registering and establishment of a business, the business plan, sources of finance, business location, renting premises, furnishing and equipping them, ordering goods/materials, selling, accounting, and employing staff, documentation, and more.

Many “practical tips and hints” from successful business owners and managers with vast experience of running profitable businesses, are given to help avoid “pitfalls” and problems that harm new and developing businesses.

Major Topics Covered in this Diploma Program:

  • Deciding on the ‘venture’: the importance of a sound business plan; raising the capital – sources. Starting or ‘taking over’ a business.
  • Types of business ownership: sole owners, partnership firms, limited liability companies; advantages and disadvantages of each type.
  • Business location: factors to be considered; renting premises; layout of the premises; services needed, machines, furniture, furnishings.
  • Ordering and storing goods/materials. Credit terms and discounts. Selling techniques, advertising, sales promotion, public relations.
  • Employing and training staff, supervision and control; salaries and/or wages, delegation of responsibility, business expansion.
  • Financial matters: sales documents, checking and paying bills, bank accounts, accounting, insurance. Transport and communication

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