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Effective Administrative Skills: Basic with practical examples & exercises

Establish Students Expectation

  • Introduction
  • Training Need Analysis
  • Job/Role Analysis

Administrative Skills

  • Importance, understanding, practicality
  • How to develop these skills

Communication Skills

  • Assessment & practical examples
  • Practice to convey your message
  • Body language
  • Written/Verbal Communication

Time & Stress Management

  • Why time is faster than us
  • Why we lack in goals/priorities setting
  • Knowing your Deraillers/time wasters
  • Stress, Major stressors how to manage
  • Relation of Time & Stress Management

Planning Skill

  • Planning Need
  • Planning process
  • Relation between Planning and Organizing
  • Planners, Calendar and reminders

Problem Solving

  • Problem Analysis
  • Problem alternative/solutions
  • Administrative Action

Industry Trends

  • Ethics
  • Compliance
  • Integrity
  • Health, Safety & Environment
  • Organization Culture
  • Attitude, Behaviors and handling situations

Who Should Attend
This course is primarily for Assistants/Executive/Officers/Senior Executives for every function in a any industry.

  • Assistants – beginning careers.
  • Executive/Officers attending next level of careers
  • Sr. Executives polishing their skills.

Course Benefits

  • Understanding role in Department/Organization
  • Improve Performance/Services
  • Creativity, Quality and Job Streamlining
  • Achieve Organization Objectives
  • Work/Life balance – simply applying your skills

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