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If you’ve dreamed of becoming an Architectural Engineer in your childhood but couldn’t avail the opportunity then today is the day you can make that dream come true. What if I told you that you can become a professional information/modeling architect? You could create models for buildings on computer systems.


In this modern era everything has become computer simulated from flying planes to graphics design and management systems, everything has become computer dependent. Autodesk Revit is a computer software developed for users to created 3D architectural designs.

This software is widely used by Civil Engineers and professional Architects. If you have maintained your excitement to this point then prepare to be dazzled. You could become just as professional in such tasks as Engineers and Architects, with this simple REVIT Course that makes you an expert at operating Autodesk Revit.

At Duke Training Centre we offer this course which is especially designed for beginners in information modeling that follows a step by step approach so that students can gain proficiency in creating 3D and 2D architectural models.

At Duke Training Centre we teach all the three fields of Autodesk REVIT.

  • Revit MEP
  • Revit Structural
  • Revit Architectura

Course plan

Our course features major 6 parts

  • It allows users to design a building in 2D and 3D
  • Design structures and its components and drafting in 3D
  • Annotate the model with 2D drafting elements
  • Access building information
  • 2D and 3D rendering
  • Designing and simulation of models on a 3D scale


Students needs to know the mere basics of operating a computer system. While whole 3D modeling will be taught from scratch.

Market value/ Benefits

  • As mentioned earlier, the modern day world needs computer specialists that can accomplish any professional task on a computer simulated environment and if your are able to master Autodesk Revit then your unemployment days are over.
  • Market craves proficient modeling designers with talent in modeling buildings if you’re able to operate Autodesk Revit then you will surely land a permanent job.
  • Endless scope with the recent advancements in designer industry, it is necessary for students to gain understanding and learn operations of modeling software. With just this simple course you can maximize your skillset and earning scope.
  • Online jobs, you would be able to do online jobs for 3D modeling that is as convenient as it gets reasonable paid by sitting at ho

Detailed Course outline

  • Building Information Modeling
    •  Building Information
  • Modeling Revit Architecture Basics
    • Exploring the User Interface
    • Introduce the different Revit Elements and Families
    • Starting a Project
  • Starting a Design
    • Adding and Modifying Levels
    • Adding and Modifying Grids The Basics of the Building Model
    • Adding and Modifying Walls
    • Using Revit Editing Commands
    • Adding and Modifying Doors
    • Adding Loadable Component Families to a Project
  •  Developing the Building Model
    • Adding and Modifying Floors
    • Adding and Modifying Ceilings
    • Adding Curtain Walls Viewing the Building Model
    • Managing Views – Controlling Object Visibility
    • Creating and Modifying Section and Elevation Views
    • Creating and Modifying 3D Views Using Dimensions and Constraints
    • Placing Dimensions and Tags
  • Working In Teams
    • Working With CAD Import/ Link Files
    • Getting Started with Work-sharing Detailing and Drafting
    • Working with Drafting Views Construction Documentation
    • Creating and Modifying Schedules
    • Creating Rooms and Room Schedules
    • Placing Text, Tags & Keynotes Presenting the Building Model
    • Working with Drawing and Printing Sheets – Working with Title blocks

Why Choose Us?

  • Our training centre is one of the finest institutions that offer courses in Autodesk softwares.
  • We have created a standardized plan for you to gain maximum benefit with your time here at Duke Training Centre.
  • Our labs equipped with state of the art equipment to ensure a high end user experience.
  • We offer highly qualified faculty for the students.
  • Our staff is trained to answer at your every call and moment of need.
  • Teachers with years of experience in Autodesk at your service.

Our plan

We plan to plant such skill-sets in your mind so that you could become a professional of Autodesk and work as an independent freelancer as well.


Join Duke Training Centre today for a head-start in 3D modeling and with a promise of a better future in the field

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