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International Diploma Program on Business Bookkeeping & Accounts

Designed to produce bookkeeping and accounts personnel trained in the MODERN PRACTICAL METHODS OF ACCOUNTING

Trained and competent bookkeeping and accounting personnel are always in demand. This Program is ideal for those who have a knowledge of bookkeeping (e.g. from our Proficient Business Bookkeeping Course) or practical experience. This Diploma Program offers tremendous advantages to those already employed in clerical positions in accounting or auditing departments, offices and firms, and who are ambitious for promotion to better paid posts.

The Program is also of great value to business people who need to maintain accurate books of account, and who need to be able to prepare informative accounting statements, either manually or by computer.

Major Topics Covered in this Diploma Program:

  • Books of Account: the ledger, 4-column cash book, purchases book, sales book, returns books, the journal – what they record and why.
  • Theory and practice of double-entry bookkeeping: types of ledger accounts, posting, folios, extracting and agreeing trial balances.
  • Preparing for final accounts: stocktaking, valuing stocks, work in progress; adjustments; prepayments, accruals, depreciation, bad debts.
  • Manufacturing accounts, trading accounts and profit & loss accounts – why they are prepared, what information they contain, layouts.
  • Balance sheets: production and layouts, comparisons. Interpreting final accounts, uses of accounting ratios. Provisions and reserves.
  • Partnership, departmental, branch and hire purchase accounts, bills of exchange. Computerized accounting systems and their advantages.

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