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Course Details

A comprehensive and hands-on course, covering the best practices, the theory, the scope and the boundaries of the Document Control profession.This course provides a high-level description of the various elements of a document management solution that is based on Microsoft SharePoint Server.

Document Control

Who needs the Program

  • This intensive program is designed for those who would like to develop their career as Document
  • Controllers or Project Coordinators or Supervisors who need to organize their documents properly .
  • Executive Secretary/ Personal Assistant/ Document Controller.
  • Anybody who needs an advanced Filing system for project work.

 Learning Outcome

  •  Disciplines and organizes Microsoft Office documents
  • Leads to faster creation and retrieval of documents
  • Reduces duplication of work
  • Creates consistency in documents
  • Eliminates the fear of accidental over writing
  • Effectively monitors document creation process
  • Improves productivity at workplace
  • Proves helpful in legal compliance
  • Improves security of documents
  • Ensures smooth working in case of leave / transfer /
  • Turnover of staff
  • Leads to fewer draft copies, saves stationary
  • Saves precious time and effectively money

Program Content

  • Solving Business-Critical Problems with Digital Document Management
  • Conducting a Needs Assessment and Developing an Implementation Plan
  • Document Management Basics
  • Records Management Specifics
  • Worksheets
  • Digital document management system practice.

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