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International ‘Premier’ Diploma Program on Tourism & Travel Agency Management

A program designed to create professionals trained in tourism and travel organisation and management

The tourism industry is becoming increasingly important in countries all over the world; and the “tourism income” earned contributes greatly to their economic progress. But for their economies and peoples to benefit fully, tourism development must be planned and be controlled – and be “sold” to tourists. Travel agencies are an important link between tourism and the travel products on offer, and travellers; to be profitable, they must be efficient and well-managed, with knowledgeable staff. This Program deals with both vital areas, and also with the marketing of tourism and travel products – by state bodies, tour operators and travel agencies.

Some of the Major Topics Covered in this Diploma Program:

  • The tourism industry: structure, organisation, products, services; national and international importance of tourism, infrastructure, effects on balance of trade.
  • Economic and social consequences of tourism: income from tourism, the income multiplier, invisible exports, factors in developing tourism – reasons for government involvement.
  • Tourism markets: leisure and activity, business travel, VFR travel, cultural, educational, health travel; motivations for travel, destinations. Advertising, tour brochures, the Internet.
  • Tour operators, inclusive tours, types of transport, types and standards of accommodation offered, catering; economics of tour operation. Reservations systems.
  • Travel agency establishment: premises, factors in location, furnishing; appointment, operations, management, IATA; recruiting and training staff.

And much more….

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