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  1. Introduction to Data Science Tools:
    • Intro to Jupyter Notebook
    • Notebook Type Interface for Data Science
    • Google Colab and Kaggle Kernels
    • Introduction to Kaggle and GitHub
    • Overview of the Projects in Python
  2. Data Wrangling using NumPy:
    • Introduction to NumPy Fundamentals
    • NumPy Array
    • NumPy Indexing and Selection
    • Application and Real-world Problem solving using NumPy
  3. Data Wrangling using Pandas
    • Introduction to Pandas Fundamental
    • Data frame and Series in Pandas
    • Application and real-world problem-solving using Pandas
  4. Python for Visualization: Matplotlib
    • Matplotlib Fundamental
    • Introduction to Different Plots and Charts
  5. Python for Visualization: Seaborn
    • Seaborn Fundamental
    • Introduction to Different Plots and Charts
  6. Simple Linear Regression
  7. Multiple Linear regression
  8. Logistic Regression
  9. Feed Forward Artificial Neural Network

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