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Interested in becoming a freelance landscape Designer/Drafter and earn money easily at home? But don’t possess any prior experience to computer aided designing software? Well you’ve landed to the right place, since we are going to tell you exactly how you can become a freelance CAD Designer/Drafter.


AUTOCAD is a computer simulated program used by professionals to design 2D and 3D blueprints of buildings, bridges, computer chips and engineering plans. Users with experience of this software can design from small computer chips to draw up plans for residential and commercial buildings. Once you’ve learned to operate AUTOCAD, you open endless opportunities of employment for yourself.

Now that you have been exposed to AUTOCAD training in Abu Dhabi and what it is used for, moving on, it is divided into types 2D and 3D drafting.

2D Drafting

2D Drafting is set out for beginners to AUTOCAD and it allows you to create two Dimensional maps of buildings, bridges, roads and computer chips while maintaining a mild approach to drafting and serves in the long run to learn.

3D Drafting

3D mapping is for intermediate users of AUTOCAD. It is a more complex form of drafting maps on computers. While it is more difficult to master, our teaching at Duke Training Centre allows the user to form complex maps on a three Dimensional scale that gives you the edge to design the perfect map of your building or bridge.

Aside from all these facts the question still remains, how to gain proficiency in using AUTOCAD? We at Duke Training Centre serve you for this purpose and provide with a AutoCAD Course that won’t only teach you the basics but enlighten you with advance AUTOCAD skills as well.

Our course mainly focuses on 7 major skills

  • An Introduction to AUTOCAD
  • Basic Drawing Tools
  • Drawing Organization
  • Advanced Editing
  • Designing Layouts
  • Hatching
  • Designing Linear and Radial Dimensio



There is no specific prerequisite required for the following course, but it’s easier to learn if the student already knows how to use a computer, if not our faculty is trained to help you in every moment of need.

Market Application/ Benefits

  • Endless Freelancing Opportunities:
    You will be able to earn money whilst in your homes or sitting at a café
    learning AUTOCAD will surely enable you to avail freelancing chances and earn easy money.
  • Vast Scope:
    AUTOCAD users develop computer chips, bridges, buildings and road maps. The scope is vast as it gets, with just a single course you will be able to gain proficiency in designing almost anything
  • Reasonable Income:
    The skill sets of this course will allow you to generate a reasonable amount of money for a better lifestyle.
  • Better Skills: The important part of designing is making the basic drawings with accuracy. With our AUTOCAD Training, standardized drawings can be made easily. We’ll teach you how to use the software that helps in better documentation of the design, fewer drawing errors, and greater legibility.

Detailed Course Outline

  • Introduction to AutoCAD
    • Interface
    • Navigating a Drawing
  • Basic Drawing Tools
    • Lines, Circles, Rectangles
    • Polar Tracking
    • Erasing Objects
    • Creating a Simple Drawing
  • Drawing Precision
    • Object Snaps
    • Polar Tracking Options
    • Object Snap Tracking
    • Snap and Grid Settings
  • Making Changes
    • Move and Copy
    • Rotate and Scale
    • Mirror – Grip Editing
  • Drawing Organization
    • Templates
    • Units
    • Layers
    • Controlling Layer States
  • Advanced Editing
    • Trim and Extend
    • Stretching Objects
    • Fillets and Chamfers
    • Offset and Array
  • Blocks
    • Using Blocks
    • Defining a Block
    • Reusing Blocks
  • Setting Up a Layout
    • Printing Concepts
    • Working in Layouts
    • Copying Layouts
    • Creating Viewports
  • Printing
    • Printing Layouts
    • Printing from Model Space
  • Adding Text
    • Modifying Text
    • Adding Leaders
    • Creating Tables
  • Hatching
    • Creating Hatches – Modifying Hatches
  • Dimensions
    • Linear Dimensions
    • Radial and Angular Dimensions
    • Editing Dimensions

Why Choose Us?

  • We provide our students with the best trained faculty in the country.
  • Professionals trained from foreign institutes present before you for your service.
  • Labs are equipped with state of the art equipment designed for high end user experience.
  • We provide you with a skill set to tackle any situation of drafting/designing.
  • Staff trained to help user in every hour of need.
  • Guaranteed success in the drafting/designing industry.


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