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French language is basically spoken in France and is official in 29 countries. This language is known as romance language. France is a country well known for its location and education. French language speaker is referred as francophone. It is somehow different from every language and has its own structure. It is officially recognized in Switzerland too. It is second most spoken language in Canada and fourth most spoken language in US. One can consider its importance for international accommodation. It can be used for working in multiple professional areas.

What will you learn in french language course?

You will learn the basic writing and speaking tactics of French language. The pronunciation, verbalization and writing skills for French will be taught according to the structure of this language. French speaking is way different so it should be learnt in an efficient manner. This language is derived from Latin and Greek so the basic terms will be told to the candidates.

Prerequisite or Relevant Knowledge

No primary education is required to learn French language. The relating country and their terms should be kept in mind.

Who should attend french language course?

The person who is willing to work and visit France or other countries where French is widely spoken must attend this course. France is one of the most visited places in the world and every person who wants to go there and explore it should know French language. Moreover, it is a good place to build your career and work. It is famous country and is known for its trading. One can have good business or professional organization here. Also education in France is a good option or any other foreign country because France is spoken in most of foreign countries offering good educational institutes.

Course Outline

  1. Geographic distribution
    • Europe
    • Africa
    • North and South America
    • Asia
      • Southeast Asia
      • Middle East
    • Oceania and Australasia
  2. Dialects
  3. Histories
  4. Current status and economic, cultural and institutional importance
  5. Phonology
  6. Writing system
    • Alphabet
    • Orthography
  7. Grammar
  8. Vocabulary
    • Numerals
      • Units
      • Tens
      • Hundreds
      • Scales
  9. Words
  10. See also
  11. Notes and references
  12. Further reading
  13. External links
    • Organizations
    • Courses and tutorials
    • Online dictionaries
    • Vocabulary

Impact/Benefits of this Course

This course will enable the interested learners to have good international visits and education too. As France is recognized as one of the most internationally connected countries, one can benefit totally by commanding French language. It will make a person easily communicate with people in countries having French language making his visit or living

At Course Completion

After completing french language course abu dhabi , a person will be having French language on his finger tips and could associate utterly for French jobs and meetings. He could easily visit France and other countries and enjoy its pleasure. On other side he could explore this language and culture more according to his interests. There are many workstations requiring French language which will not only secure his career but built his status too.

Why Duke Training Centre for french language?

Duke Training Centre provides every individual the opportunity to build his learning abilities in a wholesome way. We train everyone with his specific abilities to learn desired language and make him able to completely command on the specific language such as french language. It is not hands play to learn and understand a language completely but our Duke Training Center french language course french language course abu dhabi which has been in form since 2007 makes it sure to teach the candidates according to their capabilities and rub their skills to make it happen.

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