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EBA: Executive Business Administration on

Construction Management & Administration

An essential Programme for all construction related disciplines, covering management, leadership and project management, with a focus on providing the skills and knowledge needed to become an effective construction and project manager.

The Programme aims to provide managerial, leadership and operational knowledge and understanding of construction management together with a range of high-level management, administration and leadership skills.  The first ‘Study Year’ concentrates on a wide range of business, management and administration topics; the second ‘Study Year’ builds upon that and introduces more specialised subjects including project leadership and construction management; the third ‘Study Year’ continues with a wide range of construction management issues and business management topics along with the opportunity to prepare a business Project to increase analytical ability, improve skills and competencies and take knowledge and confidence to higher levels.

CORE Subjects studied in ‘STUDY YEAR ONE’:

1. Business Theory & Commercial Practice

2. Management & Administration in Business

3. Commercial Practice & Law

4. Management & Administration Theory & Practice

CORE Subjects studied in ‘STUDY YEAR TWO’:

5. Workplace Health & Safety

6. Purchasing & Resourcing Management

7. Project Leadership & Management

8. Construction Management Theory and Practice

CORE Subjects studied in ‘STUDY YEAR THREE’:

9. Computers & IT in Business & Management

10. Construction Project Management

11. Organisational Environment

12. Project + Key Concepts in Management

and Much More……..

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