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German Language originates from Germany .It has insignificantly various regulated modifications. German language is a vast phraseology which consists of diverse varieties all across Europe. German language is language official in most of the Europe but it is not that widely spoken. It is one of the most learning languages on the internet and comes at the third place spoken internationally. Moreover it is the fifth language in marketing of new books in world recognized as German language. It is commonly verbalized in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Germany is one of the most trading countries which are visited by many international agents and practitioners. It also has some globally recognized universities as well. It is found as the most interesting language to learn as it became popular on social sites.

What will you learn?

Duke Training Centre will make you learn various verbal and literature proficiencies of German language. German classes in Dubai will enable you to improvise your vocal coordination and writing abilities of the desired language. You will not only get hands on the language but could also be able to speak and communicate in the respective language with other German people. We will teach noun inflection, verb inflection, and order of words, grammar and speaking ways to make you able to understand the language in a better way.

Prerequisite or Relevant Knowledge

Any individual who interests in learning German language is invited to take this course and move forward to learn this language. No secondary education is required except little primary education as a knowhow of what is a language.

Who should attend?

  • The person who wants to visit German places should attend this language course for his command on the language. Whether for career building or for interests, this language is suitable for its intriguing structure. Every person who needs to acquire his decisions in German environment should take this option. As Germany is a famous country, there are many interests to learn this language and makes people stunned by the speaker. Course Outline
    1. History
    • Origins
    • Modern German

    2 Germany

    • The Austrian Empire
    • Standardization
    • Geographic distribution

    3. Europe and Asia

    • German Sprachraum
    • Outside the Sprachraum

    4. Africa

    • Namibia
    • South Africa
    • North America
    • South America

    5. Co-official statuses of German or German varieties in Brazil

    • Oceania
    • German as a foreign language

    6. Standard German

    • Varieties of Standard German

    7. Dialects

    • Low German
    • High German

    8. Grammar

    • Noun inflection
    • Verb inflection

    9. Verb prefixes

    • Word order

    10. Auxiliary verbs

    • Modal verbs
    • Multiple infinitives

    11. Vocabulary
    12. Orthography

    • Present
    • Past
    • Reform of 1996

    13. Phonology

    • Vowels
    • Consonants
      • Consonant spellings
      • Consonant shifts

    14. Literature
    15. German loanwords in the English language
    16. Organizations

    • Goethe-Institute
    • Verein Deutsche Sprache
    • Deutsche WelleImpact/Benefits of this Course

    This course will help to have full command on German language and be able to speak and write it in any manner. This can benefit the respective learner in financial way as there are many jobs acquiring German language also. It also makes visit to Germany and many foreign countries quite easy and helps exploring the related environment immensely.

    At Course Completion

    After the course completion this will help the respective candidate to functionalize his purpose of learning.
    He will be able to interact in a well manner in German environment and will be commanding well on this
    language. He could also find ways to earn through this language by travelling to different abroad

    Why Duke Training Centre?

    Duke Training Centre coaching center is working since 2007 providing their candidates with every facility
    to learn the desired course he choose. We ensure every learner to make it through his best by
    understanding and utterly attaining his specific course. We target each and every singular person to
    emphasize the mandatory language. This makes our training better every time and we make sure to
    satisfy everyone learning under our academy.

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