Letter Writing Skills

What will you learn?

Letter writing is one of the major portions of the English language now a day. A letter written in a good and professional format ensures you to be confined in your point and objectives. Letter writing is an experiential course that helps the students to work out through major aspects of their job lines and working fields. You will learn to gather, analyze and organize the information professionally. Moreover, it will help you in communicating more effectively and proficiently. You will learn to produce more credible documentations. This course will cover major portions of letter writing phenomenon. Those who write correspondence effectively have a definite advantage in their given professions

Prerequisite or Relevant Knowledge

No such relevant knowledge is necessary for studying this course. You may be able to write in English and should have a sufficient vocabulary for the writing structure of the letters.

Who should attend?

People from any field, sector or sector can study this course without any hindrance. People from any sector or field can join this course. Professionals, who want to excel in their jobs and want to improve their job skills, are invited.

Course Outline

Objective 1:     Students will be able to employ prewriting strategies to select and narrow a topic, then plan, draft, revise, edit a proofread their paragraphs & essays.

Objective 2:     Students will be able to develop well-structured paragraphs that are unified and relevant to the topic sentence, and employ various strategies to achieve coherence.

Objective 3:     Students will be able to write an essay with a clear introductory section, a body with coherent development paragraphs and a conclusion that summarizes the main idea and takes it a step further.

Objective 4:     Students will be able to distill their primary purpose into a compelling thesis statement and develop it with support points organized in a convincing manner using examples, facts, reasons, incidents and specific details.

Objective 5:     Students will be able to demonstrate the ability to conduct academic research by writing a documented essay.

Objective 6:     Students will be able to format their papers, incorporate citations, integrate quotations and avoid plagiarism.

Objective 7:     Students will be able to design, develop and deliver effective letters with respect to purpose and audience awareness, appropriate content, idea organization, coherence, use of body language and appropriate tone.

Impact/Benefits of this Course

During this course, you will obtain information and tips from the professional teams through discussion on current ongoing situations. You will find the opportunities to review the letter writings of professional people. This course helps you to excel your ability to apply proficient elements of the plausible communication through letter writing, memos and proposals for different clients such as senior managers, business owners, investors and professional writers. Your basic writing skills with corrections and advancements will be improved efficiently.

At Course Completion

After the completion of this course, you will master all the qualities of writing best letters and proposals that will be competitive in every manner.  You will be able to write the letters and others memos in a professional and credible manner. You will master the abilities to communicate professionally to different audiences using appropriate tone and style. You can collect and synthesize information from a broad range of sources. You will prepare the business documents using correct headings, layout and formats. You will make your claims or arguments with proper reasoning and evaluate them in your own writing. This course will helps you collaborate with others to write and edit documents.

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