HR Courses- Essential Skills for HR Professionals

What will you learn?

Human resources practitioners need to identify the responsibilities and areas of concern. This detailed course enables HR professionals to keep employees satisfied and willing to work using standardized methods. This includes techniques to evaluate employee performances on regular scale and provide them with proper incentive to keep them motivated. This evaluation technique does not only motivate the employee but also acknowledges the employer of their best talent for better organizational growth.

This HR Course in Abu Dhabi helps to prepare proper testing and interviewing methodologies for new recruitment. The HR practitioner a candidate first meets sets the environment for the entire interview process. Therefore HR professional should be organized, should communicate briefly and discuss the stance of company effectively.

Employees are often attracted towards better salary and incentive package. That is why we have designed this course to bring essential training in single package for HR professionals.

Pre requisite or relevant knowledge;

  • For a vendor/small businessman: Relevant business knowledge of basic economic concern and employee tendencies related to that specific business.
  • Basic study of human resource/ HR professional experience

Who should attend?

  • Recruitment and hiring manager
  • Compensation and benefit planner
  • Employee evaluators
  • HR managers

Course outline;

  • Organization
  • Multitasking
  • Dealing with grey
  • Negotiation
  • Communication
  • Discrete and ethical
  • Dual focus
  • Conflict management and problem solving
  • Change management

Impacts/benefits of this course;

This course makes an HR manager be able to find middle ground in opposing views. He provides a solution which is acceptable for both the ends. HR professional skills reveal how to meet the middle ground in case of any conflict. One has to communicate persuasively and deal with the views comprehensively.

An essential skill for HR professional course teaches about how to dually focus on things. It emphasizes on the HR decisions to be discrete and based upon ethical grounds, whether their concern is to protect the individual or an organization.

At course completion;

At completion of this course a human resource manager is able to take difficult and challenging decisions. He is readily available to accept and solve the challenges for organization and employee’s personal concerns. This course gives him a wiser look to evaluate and make sure that the hardworking and diligent employees get their proper wage of incentive and reward.

Aspects of this course help to enforce basic skills of conflict resolution including reasoning and influencing. By the time you complete this course, we assure you to have versatility, sufficient knowledge of required aspects and pre engagement skills.

Why Duke Training Centre?

With everyday increasing competition in market, Duke Training Centre team presents you optimal business strategies through this course to make your organization competent and successful. Our mentors are not merely tutors but also have human resource practicing experience. Case stories discussed in our sessions are not merely stories but they are problems from practical world in the market.

Being an effective trainer is also part of the essential HR manager skill set; therefore prefer those mentors who can deliver with ease and perfection. That is why you need to get familiar with Duke Training Centre!

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