Employee engagement & Retention

What will you learn?

Employee engagement and retention course tends to keep organizational image well and alive within its own employees. Employees act as representatives for the company. If you want a positive feedback from your employees, you need to learn how to engage them for good. You’ll get to know from past experiences as case studies in this course and also the new ideas generated within our sessions about how to control employee engagement. There are comprehensive as well as implementable ways of engaging employee’s attention that you’ll get to know after joining this programme.


In order to make your hardworking and useful employees stick to your business, you need to learn through this course.

Pre requisite or relevant knowledge;

  • If you’re an HR practitioner, you need to know the basic HR principles.
  • If you’re a small vendor or a businessman, you need to have keen observation and should know about the basic principles of marketing.

Who should attend?

  • HR practitioners and managers must give it a go.
  • Anyone with a customer driven business should attend this course.
  • Compensation and benefit practitioners attend this course.

Course outline;

  • Employee Engagement – Setting The Scene
  • Employee Engagement In The Middle East
  • The Importance Of Culture And Values, And Building An Employer Brand
  • Assessing What Employees’ Views Are
  • Building The Business Case For An Engagement Programme
  • Building The Business Case For An Engagement Programme
  • Building An Employee Engagement Strategy

Impact/benefits of this course;

Through joining this course you can learn about employee engagement and how it contributes to a company’s performance. This course explains the functionality of HR management to a wider perspective through improving employee engagement. Our sessions are for new ideas and implementations, therefore we provide participants with a case study. Participants then have to follow the case and build an employee engagement strategy against it. This practice explores the challenges involved in employee engagement.

This course entails how does recruitment of new employees, compensation and benefit policies, incentives and development affect employee engagement.

At course completion;

At course completion you would be able to design new strategies about different scenarios with significant impact on employee’s behaviour. You would be able to gather feedback from your employees and use it in a beneficial way to design new policies. After the course you’ll realize that the things you never thought that mattered actually have huge effect on business performance.

You’ll be able to assess the views of your employees. This is necessary to have knowledge of what employees think about the company because a negative feedback directly effects new recruits and makes them unwilling to work. There is comprehensive feedbacks technique that you’ll get to know through this course.

Why Duke Training Centre?

Duke Training Centre with collaboration of human resources experts and psychologists has designed this course which deals with modern day problems. Our experts often like to hear from participant about what they have to say regarding to a specific case before explaining the answer. This keeps our session pretty much alive. There are post-course sessions to deal with real world business problems out there.

Duke Training Centre tends to solve your every problem regarding human resource management through this course.

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