Auditing HR processes

What will you learn?

HR auditing process goes into the depths of an organization to find out where and why the problem occurs, or how to optimize human and mechanical resources. Service quality dimensions, productivity and cost are revised in order to find clues for better outcome. Different methods like self auditing questionnaires are used which contain a number of questions related to organizational work.

Reviews of employees are entertained, their compatibility and devotion is checked. This course reveals the ideas and sequence which are required to improvise an organizational standard at every level.

Prerequisite or relevant knowledge;

  • A professional degree in Human resources (For employees).
  • Organizational certificate of concern (For owners)

Who should attend?

In order to keep pace with new methodologies in town, we have designed this course for all HR professionals. This course is essential for an HR professional who seek a wider perspective to see things through.

Course outline;

HR audit processes course is group of sequence and related topics or aspects. The course we offer covers the following

  • Introduction to HR.
  • HR audit Significance.
  • Why do we need to perform HR audit?
  • Scope of HR audit.
  • Use of HR audit.
  • Objectives of HR audit.
  • Benefits of HR audit.
  • Concerned areas of HR audit
  • Threats to HR audit.
  • Formatting an audit report.

At Course Completion;

At course completion, you would be able to optimize the organizational standards by means of

  • Determining objective of activity
  • Identifying the responsible
  • Reviewing performance of the organization thoroughly
  • Generate an action plan
  • Work on the action plan and examine every department thoroughly to justify whether or not it should exist

Impact/benefits of this course;

This course helps you to minimize your cost of production and points out the adaptable ways to maximize available supplies and human resources. Market is growing wider every day, therefore you have to be cost efficient while putting your product in the market.

At course completion;

HR audit processes course enables you to observe your ways of production closely with a critic gaze. There is a strategic plan about how to find out where resources can be optimized. After completion of this course, you would be able to identify those old fashioned and costly uses of resources. Not only identification is our main concern. That is why we propose solutions which are easily adaptable and cost effective.

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