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What will you learn?

In an era of modern business, customer service skills matter a lot to those who want to increase their business and work to a greater extent. You should go past basically conveying your item, and create solid associations with your clients. It is crucial that you give a one of a kind client experience by proactively foreseeing your clients’ needs and desires, surpassing them each and every time. This fun and connecting with Customer Service Training Course is accessible at this Platform. With a specific end goal to make consumer loyalty, you have to go past great client benefit and surpass your clients’ desires with uncommon administration. So as to accomplish this it is critical check that Do you or your staff have the right expertise sets to convey remarkable client administration?

Enhancing your customer service skills is necessary for the working professionals. Endeavoring to persistently enhance the client administration is one of the major aspects of this training course.

Prerequisite or Relevant Knowledge

People from every sector or working field can join this course. No such relevant knowledge is required for the above mentioned course. Regular English skills and decent personality is mandatory for this course. This Customer Service Training Course is for experts who need to make a critical commitment to their organization’s picture or primary concern and make their own lives simpler by reliably giving extraordinary client administration.

Course Outline

Customer Service Training Course – Lesson 1

  • Who we are and What we do
  • Who are customers (internal/external)
  • What is customer Service?
  • Who are customers Service Providers?

Customer Service Training Course – Lesson 2

  • Establishing your Attitude
  • Appearance counts! (even if not in person)
  • The power of the smile
  • Staying energized

Customer Service Training Course – Lesson 3

  • Identifying and Addressing their Needs
  • Understanding the customer’s problem
  • Staying outside the box (not jumping to conclusions)
  • Meeting basic needs
  • Going the extra mile

Customer Service Training Course – Lesson 4

  • Generating Return Business
  • Following up
  • Addressing complaints
  • Turning difficult customers around

Customer Service Training Course – Lesson 5

  • In-Person Customer Service
  • Dealing with at-your-desk requests
  • The advantages and disadvantages of in-person communication
  • Using body language to your advantage

Customer Service Training Course – Lesson 6

  • Giving Customer Service over the Phone
  • The advantages and disadvantages of telephone
  • communication
  • Telephone etiquette
  • Tips and tricks

Customer Service Training Course – Lesson 7

  • Providing Electronic Customer Service
  • The advantages and disadvantages of electronic communication

Customer Service Training Course – Lesson 8

  • Recovering Difficult Customers
  • De-Escalating anger
  • Establishing common ground

Impact/Benefits of this Course

This course will help the students to Clarify what client administration implies in connection to inside and outside clients. Students learn how to perceive one’s state of mind influence. The students will practice Expert approaches to create and keep up a positive, client centered, and state of mind. This course makes the students to be able to produce examination strategies for better address client needs. Applying exceptional client administration strategies to produce return business is the key goal in this course. Customer service skills helps to figure out take away strategies for administration magnificence via phone, pick up knowledge to join with online clients, comprehending when to raise and procure for troublesome clients.

At Course Completion

At the end of this course our students will be able to:

  • Build up the models and frameworks that can make each client feel exceptional – eye to eye, by email or on the phone.
  • Utilize a scope of expert correspondence methods, instruments and aptitudes.
  • Make a made and sure initial introduction on every single contact.
  • Use individual aptitudes for listening viably and to improve understanding.
  • Apply best practice in catching up by email.
  • Distinguish diverse client needs and circumstances.
  • Manage complex or multi-stage specialized issues all the more viably.
  • Comprehend client desires and convey more than you guarantee.
  • Keep up an uplifting state of mind for the duration of the day.
  • Fulfill grumblers, quiet bombshell clients and recapture certainty and goodwill.
  • Transform issues into circumstances.

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