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What will you learn?

Communication Skills helps to overcome the ability of individuals to communicate with others, face to face, as well as virtually. The interaction with any person determines how we are perceived and it is an opportunity to develop trust and expert positive influence. Interacting professionally is an important skill to achieve your objectives which are acquired by presenting projects or delivering information and message to a big audience. This course is designed to develop student’s reading, writing, listening and speaking skills at an advanced level through language experience, free writing, drafting, peer response, revising and editing.

Prerequisite or Relevant Knowledge

A little knowledge regarding English language and speaking is sufficient for this course. No prerequisite knowledge is required as such for this course.

Who should attend?

People from any department or field can join this course which has duration of 2 days. Those people who want to excel in their career by communicating proficiently and want to have an influential character can join this course.

Course Outline

Day One

Foundation Tools

  • Set clear communication objectives
  • Establish clear understanding of roles
  • Clarify the requirements and process that is most effective to achieve communication outcomes
  • Identify and utilize common ground for successful interactions
  • Team Exercise

The Communication Process

  • Stages of Communication
  • Prepare the message
  • Match the message
  • Deliver the message
  • Barriers to communication
  • Communication Exercise-Case Studies

Communication Skills

  • Choice and Control
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Four Key Components
  • Developing Trust
  • Gaining Rapport
  • Outcome Thinking
  • Listening for understanding
  • Expressing without Provoking
  • Questioning for Specifics
  • Summarizing

Day Two


  • Expanding the Skill Set
  • Influencing Framework
  • Guidelines
  • Personal Needs and Motivations
  • Influencing Strategy
  • Influencing Exercise-Planning and Practice

Challenging Situations Understanding and Managing Conflict

  • Communicating Non-Defensively
  • Communicating Exercise-Real Plays
  • Facilitating Team Communications
  • Dealing with Dreaded Behaviors
  • Team Exercise-Difficult Situations

Summary and Action Plans

  • Lessons learned and plans for ongoing development

Impact/Benefits of this Course

Studying this course develops your ability to focus on your outcome, tune in to your Audience and develop your message for clarity and impact. In order to be successful in communication, you should be able to create an environment which is open for any discussion that is being done presently. These may include open dialogue also. The major portions covered in this course will increase your potential to make the choices and have the control for every type of conversation. This course will enable you to organize things that areappropriate to the audience and situation. The ability to do social interaction and substantial pronunciation and casual practices is increased. Individualpronunciation assessments help students refine their language skills.Practice includes forming opinions oncurrent issues, creating extensivepresentations and reports and giving directions. Throughreadings and written exercises, students learn how to form,communicate, and support their opinions and ideas in academic andprofessional settings. Students strengthen their reading skills andexpand their vocabularies by reading and discussing a variety ofadapted and authentic texts. They also may present findings inresearch reports.

At Course Completion

After completion of this course, you will find well defined goals for effective Communications. You will be able to create open environment for communication. The skill to communicate clearly helps to build stronger relationships between people. This course helps to deal with difficult situations by emotional intelligence. You can use these skills to influence others and develop more collaborating working relationships. You can easily plan communication strategies to identify your outcomes and plan the best approach for achieving positive results.

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