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Arabic language belongs to the religion ISLAM and is the second most widely accepted language globally. One of the most precious books in the world QURAN consists of Arabic which is more efficiently understandable by Arabic listeners. This language is basically spoken in Saudi Arabia. Although this language is used in delivering many religious and knowledgeable lectures, broadcasts and social videos but is also famous for its classical linguistics .It is also extensively spoken and many workstations are representing this language.

What will you learn?

You will learn all the structure of Arabic language basically called “arbi” in Arabic. You will learn the writing, reading and pronunciation of Arabiclanguage. We will deliver the meaning along with words specified and train you with how to write Arabic words in particular. The complex format will be taught to the candidates and all information will be conveyed to the learners.

Prerequisite or Relevant Knowledge

Anyone who is interested in learning Arabic language can choose this course. There is no specific education or basic level study required for this.

Who should attend?

A person who is willing to go to Saudi Arabia or any NorthAfricancountry and live there should attend this course. Moreover if anyone is interested in commanding on this language based on religious importance and spreading its terms, he should do this course. Anyone who wants to build his career in accordance with Arabic language and visit countries for his knowledge must learn Arabic language completely.

Course Outline

  1. History
    • Pre-Islamic Arabic and Arabic language
    • Pre-Islamic poetry and early Islamic literature
    • The Islamic conquests and Arabic language
    • Modern era
  2. Classical, Modern Stand1 History
    • Pre-Islamic Arabic and Arabic language
    • Pre-Islamic poetry and early Islamic literature
  3. Language and dialect
    • The Islamic conquests and Arabic language and spoken Arabic
  4. Influence of Arabic on other languages
  5. Influence of other languages on Arabic
  6. Arabic alphabet and nationalism
    • Lebanon
    • Egypt
  7. Arabic and Islam
  8. External history
  9. Internal history
    • Phonological history
  10. Dialects and descendants
    • Examples
    • Koine
    • Dialect groups
  11. Phonology
    • Literary Arabic
      • Vowels
      • Consonants
      • Syllable structure
      • Stress
      • Levels of pronunciation
        • Full pronunciation
        • Full pronunciation with pause
        • Formal short pronunciation
        • Informal short pronunciation
      • Colloquial varieties
        • Vowels
        • Consonants
  12. Grammar
    • Literary Arabic
      • Nouns and adjectives
      • Verbs
      • Derivation
    • Colloquial varieties
  13. Writing system
    • Calligraphy
    • Romanization
    • Numerals
  14. Language-standards regulators
  15. As a foreign language
  16. Arabic speakers and other languages

Impact/Benefits of this Course

This course will help understanding the precious book QURAN and work in North African and western Asian countries specifically Saudi Arabia. Moreover, a person will be able to understand Islam as a religion more and may use its knowledge in exploring this religion. This course also emphasize on interacting in Arabic language so it will be easy to speak, listen and communicate after completing this course.

At Course Completion

This course will make the respective learner capable of speaking Arabic language and understanding it. It will nourish his speaking and listening abilities of Arabic language. The person will be able to deliver, work and stay in Arabic countries and environments. Further moving the person could be able to explore this language and its religion and other environment more according to his interests. All people taking this course can work in Saudi Arabia and many other countries and fulfill their requirements.

Why Duke Training Centre?

Duke Training Centre enables the candidates interested in learning Arabic language to completely understand and command this language. As this training center is training since 2007, we focus on every individual’s learning and ensure to make everyone capable to speak and understand particular language. We make sure to make a person an Arabic speaker, listener improving his learning abilities.