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What you will learn?

MCITP is Microsoft certified IT professional. This course will make you understand the functioning of Microsoft functions.

It consists of further 4 courses. This course will build your knowledge in handling servers, implementing the auditing policy, handling software distribution, working with firewall settings.

You will learn about troubleshooting Windows server 2008, identify and access solution with windows server 2008 and planning and administration of windows server 2008.

Prerequisite or Relevant Knowledge

Candidates should have knowledge about networking, dealing with servers of windows 200 and 2003.

Who should attend?

IT professionals who are working with the tools and technologies and need to know what type of technologies are best suited for them. Basically it is for the people who want to learn the working of Microsoft products.

Course Outline

Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Configuration

  1. Configuring and Troubleshooting Windows server 2008 Active Directory Domain Services:
  • Configuring DNS for Active Directory Domain Services
  • Installing Active Directory Domain Services
  • Configuring Active Directory Objects and Trusts
  • Configuring Active Directory Sites and Replication
  • Creating and Configuring Group Policy
  • Managing User Environments with Group Policy
  • Implementing Security with Group Policy
  • Implementing an AD DS Monitoring and Maintenance Plan
  • Troubleshooting AD DS, DNS, and Replication Issues
  • Troubleshooting Group Policy Issues
  1. Configuring and Troubleshooting Identity and Access Solutions with Windows Server 2008 Active Directory:
  • Exploring IDA Solutions
  • Configuring AD CS
  • Deploying and Managing Certificates
  • Configuring AD LDS
  • Configuring AD FS
  • Configuring AD RMS
  • Maintaining Access Management Solutions
  • Troubleshooting IDA Solutions

Windows Server 2008 Network Infrastructure Configuration

  1. Fundamentals of Windows Server 2008 Network and Applications Infrastructure:
  • Fundamentals of Network Infrastructure
  • IT Professionals in the Enterprise
  • Configuring Basic TCP/IPv4
  • Fundamentals of Communication Technologies
  • Creating IPv4 Address Spaces
  • IPv6 Fundamentals
  • Fundamentals of Administering Windows Server 2008
  • Security Fundamentals
  • Fundamentals of Securing Network Communication
  • Windows Firewall and Caching Fundamentals
  • Remote Access Fundamentals
  • Routing Fundamentals
  • Network Load Balancing Fundamentals
  • Configuring Print Resources and Printing Pools
  • Server Virtualization Overview

Windows Server 2008, Server Administrator

  1. Planning and Administering Windows Server 2008 Servers:
  • Planning for Windows Server 2008 Deployment
  • Managing Server Migration
  • Planning Windows Server 2008 Server Roles
  • Creating a Configuration Change Plan for Windows Server 2008
  • Managing Windows Server 2008 Security
  • Planning for the Application Server Role
  • Planning for Windows Server 2008 High Availability
  • Maintaining Windows Server 2008 Servers
  • Maintaining a Distributed File System on Windows Server 2008
  • Planning for Windows Server 2008 Backup
  • Managing Windows Server 2008 Restore
  • Monitoring Windows Server 2008 Servers
  • Troubleshooting Windows Server 2008 Hardware
  • Troubleshooting Software Problems
  • Troubleshooting Windows Server 2008 Network

Impact/Benefits of this Course

MCIT certification will help you validate your skills for a particular job such as database administration. As the field of IT is becoming saturated so this type of certification will help you to stand out from the rest. This course will help you to prove yourself to be capable enough to work and deal with Microsoft tools.

Hence you will be able to enhance your computer skills and get a better position at your work. If you are going to step into your professional career then this training will surely help you in getting a good standard job.

At Course Completion

At course completion you will develop your skills much deeper in the learning of Windows2008 server. You will now be able to troubleshoot directory domain services of windows 2008, manage server Security, server migration and access management solutions.

You will be able to do routing management, deploy windows 2008 server, plan a backup and much.

Why Duke Training Centre?

Duke Training Centre believes in giving the best coaching to the students.This comes with years of experience, quality learning and excellent administration. Our focus is not just in delivering the knowledge but also ensuring that the students have grasped the right concepts.