Identifying TNA and evaluation skills

//Identifying TNA and evaluation skills
Identifying TNA and evaluation skills 2016-06-01T20:11:53+00:00

What will you learn?

Market competency pressure is increasing day by day. Therefore, in order to make organization versatile, you need to assess training needs. These assessments minimize the gap in skills required by a job or customer and the skills available to the organization itself. After the organization is through assessment phases the training is performed and then another survey is performed to check whether or not the required skill set has achieved.

This whole process from first survey to training and back to the last survey is examined by human resource managers/administrators which is the main focus of this course.

Pre requisite or relevant knowledge;

A person should have acknowledgment of current skill set of organization. It also includes knowledge and awareness about whether the employees are capable of adapting the change you’re going to bring in?

Who should attend?

  • This course is basically designed for human resource specialists.
  • Every entrepreneur with or without experience should also take this course

Course outline;

  • What makes up a training needs analysis (TNA)?
  • What is the reason for the doing TNA?
  • What do we want the TNA to achieve?
  • What are the objectives and outcome of the TNA?
  • What does it offer individual staff members?
  • Training needs analysis model.
  • The importance of preparation.
  • Individual and organisational competencies.
  • How does TNA fit into the organisation?
  • Factors that lead to success.
  • Factors that lead to failure.
  • The importance of organisational culture and the operating environment.
  • Incorporating TNA into organisational processes and business models.
  • What techniques to use for specific situations – face to face, questionnaires, individual, group etc.
  • Dealing with resistance – creating a positive environment.
  • Establishing administrative systems that support the process and minimise the workload.
  • Controlling costs and maximising benefits.
  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses at each stage of the process.
  • Planning, preparing, adjusting and reviewing the training needs analysis procedure/process.
  • Aligning the training needs analysis to the strategic objectives of the organisation.
  • Attitudes which help.
  • Building trust and empathy.
  • Questions that lead to a positive response.
  • Understanding short-term approaches versus long-term situations.
  • How to determine the upper and lower limits of the training needs analysis.
  • Coping with changing business priorities.
  • Time frames – short term versus long term.
  • Broad scale or in-depth.
  • The role of technology.
  • Distributed workforces.
  • Cultural differences.

Impacts/benefits of this course;

To keep pace with constantly changing market requirements training need assessment is a must methodology to be improvised. This course enables the think tank and human resource practitioners to see things through and thoroughly. It requires from an organization to keep an eye on changing market demands on daily basis. After goals are specified, this course helps the organization to spot the areas which require modifications in order to produce what is demanded by the public or market. Keeping factors that lead to failure or success in mind, a strategy is defined. Given factors are defined in this course. The strategy is then implemented before the last assessment is to be made.

At course completion;

Completing this course provides visionary frame for establishing administrative systems that is productive for the required substance and supports the process with minimising the workload.

Every process is observed and weakness or strengths can be identified at each level. In order to bring about changes in wide system, one has to identify whether or not this requirement is long lasting. This course optimizes the chances of making lifelong and reliable decisions in business market.

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